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It’s perfect!

We’re so grateful...our special needs daughter fits perfectly in the seat and it is a breeze to push. We couldn’t be more happy!

Bentley Balance Bike - NEW!

good low radiation baby monitor

the DSR low EMF radiation tech is pretty cool. i needed something to prevent radiation on my 2 month old daughter

Missing Package

My package was received by FedEx and is now “Missing”. I was notified FedEx is “searching” for my package. If it is not found I will not be receiving another shipment due to item being out of stock.

Works well and great customer service

The Bebcare Motion seems to work very well and is a great upgrade from my old Infant Optics monitor. The screen is larger and has a much better image quality. The night vision is sharp and clear.

The customer service team was really helpful too. They answered all of my questions to help me decide which is the right monitor to get.

Smooth High Def App

Works very well on my iPhone 12 and iPad. My husband can also watch our son on his phone as well. Connects quickly and stays connected for a long time.

Great experience

Wonderful shopping experience, I had to connect with customer service and they easily handled my request.

Brilliant baby monitor with low EMF and multiple cam support

Our friends recommended Bebcare to us because it’s a low EMF design, which emphasizes better safety for the baby.

The baby monitor itself is incredibly easy to setup and use. The monitor is paired straight out of the box, so there's really no much setup required to get going.

It supports our two camera setup in two different rooms. Love the split screen view so I can see both babies at the same time, as we welcomed our second baby to the family back in June.

Love it!

My son has autism and has a hard time staying in a stroller. So we got this wagon for his comfort and to stay out of the sun. He loves it! So comfortable for him and gives him room to stretch and have his tablet out. Easy to push! Great investment for my child!

Amazing Stroller Wagon!!

Very happy with this purchase. Fast shipping and best price I could find!! I had been debating on buying a Keenz Wagon Stroller for awhile, I needed something that would fit both my kids (1 & 6 years old) and this stroller has plenty of room and they both love it. High quality with lots of pockets. Definitely recommend.

Low EMF Design

The best low EMF baby monitor out there. Went through a couple monitors in the past and ended up sticking with Bebcare products. Safety of my baby is the number one priority, so this low EMF design is great for me!

AMAZING baby video

Works great on my iPhone 12 Pro.

Silky smooth video of my baby whenever I want to see him. Works great when I’m at the office.

Excellent range & battery

This little audio baby monitor works great. Very happy with it so far. Easy to operate, with 2 day battery life in the PU. Range is good too, as I can use the system even when I go outside of my house

Great wagon from a great shop

The wagon is great and has all the amenities we need to have strip to the zoo, weekend Tball, and the beach. The shop had wonderful customer service. We will definitely purchase something here again.

Amazing Mommy Bag

I absolutely love it!!! So much room to put everything in for my hospital bag and some. Big plus is how it stays open and how wide the opening is. Thank you!

Best Ride ever

This is a quality toy. As my son says every time he goes for a ride on this is awesome. We really enjoy this and it’s made so well


easy to put together. So smooth. So glad I got this and especially from Posh, great price. Much better than Target.

BERG B.Super BFR Pedal Go-Kart

solid and well built, BUT

Kart is definitely well built. It handles my 200 lbs. without issue.
My only detraction is that the 3 speed transmission does not have a large enough spread between gears. The low gear needs to be lower to help with climbing and the high gear does not give enough speed to keep up with the bicycles ( and that is really why I bought this for my wife ).

No network issues. Silky smooth video

If you have a robust wifi connection at home, this device works flawlessly. The 1080p high definition is silky smooth on my iPhone and iPad. Connection is near instantaneous, so I don't have to wait around when I want to check on my baby.

Keenz Stroller Wagon – 7S Pull/Push Wagon Stroller - Red NEW!

Good all rounder baby monitor. Easy to use

I'll summarize my experience with Bebcare Motion after using it for 3 months:

1. Great video quality. This is WAY better than the old vtech I used to have.

2. No white noise! This one is a savior because I'm very sensitive to noise when it comes to sleeping

3. Great customer service. I asked like a dozen questions to the CS team before making a purchase decision. They answered all of my questions in details and within a few hours

4. Good battery life. I'm able to use mine for over 30 hours on a single charge. This means I charge it once a day on my nightstand

5. Lovely design. I love the simple, white color design of this monitor. It has got that "Apple" design language

Simple to use and amazing video quality

As a first-time parent, I don't want an overly complicated baby monitor. I like the IQ because it's super simple to use, the app is clean and doesn't have overly complicated features. The video quality is incredibly sharp at full 1080p high definition. I am a big fan of the alert feature in the app, because it tells me exactly when my baby wakes up!

Another feature I really like is the audio parent unit that comes with the monitor. It doesn't use WiFi with the parent unit, so it's like a traditional audio monitor that I can use when I am not using the phone. It's very convenient to have two monitoring devices to choose from - the audio parent unit or the smartphone app.

The two way talk works via both the PU and the app, which is a nice touch.

Best night vision video quality. Lots of features

I did a ton of research before I decided on which baby monitor to get. This Bebcare Motion ticks all the boxes in terms of features I'm looking for. The product is well designed, and the screen is really large for comfortable viewing. Oh, the night vision is the best I've seen on a baby monitor! It's so clear in both day time and night time mode. Love this monitor!

Loves it!!

Got it for daughters 5th birthday and she absolutely loves it!!!